Mr. CiclaValley’s CicLAvia Preview Week begins

CicLAvia is back in the valley as it should always be. Are you excited? Maybe.

Pacoima? Panorama City? Arleta? My guess is that most that have been to a CicLAvia have a very limited attachment to these places, let alone knowledge.CiclaviaPreview02

And that’s the beauty of these open streets events. It’s about the discovery. People wallow in the unfamiliarness coming into CicLAvia, only to leave talking about the experience for days later.

I don’t know where this CicLAvia will rank in terms of landmarks, but that doesn’t really matter much. It comes down to the people. You’re going to find that these communities have a lot of pride and are happy to share it.

Is Mr. CiclaValley really going to preview it up? Of course, but you’re going to have to do some work to.

Spoiler alert: I have not entered every business in the San Fernando Valley.


But I do explore a lot. And you should too. Go inside the shops and restaurants. You’ll be greeted with warmth and kindness.




How do I know? Because they’re like this when it’s not a CicLAvia. There are a lot of small businesses that feed on this communal atmosphere and you should be a part of it too.

Artists adding the finishing touches on a mural for CicLAvia
Artists adding the finishing touches on a mural for CicLAvia

As for CicLAvia week, I’m going to skip to my own beat. Whatever I did last year, I did last year. This time, I’m skipping to my own beat. Here’s what going down:

That’s a lot of content. I’m not saying that I don’t want my wife around the house, but if there ever was a week that she had to be at a conference, I’m glad it’s this one!

Get ready. CicLAvia is back in the valley again.