New Bike Corral Sprouts Up in Burbank

(photo by MS)

If someone asked me to close my eyes, take a deep breath and say the name of the place I would want a bike corral in front of in Burbank, I would directly say Tony’s Darts Away.

TDA doesn’t have the same high customer volume as Porto’s or the new University of Ikea campus.

There aren’t even bike lanes right in front, but in terms of putting a bike corral in front of a business that matches its culture, this is a pretty good spot.

Beer wise, they have the best tap selection in Burbank and is a front runner for the whole valley.


Factor in a good sausage selection and a laid back atmosphere, time could pass pretty quickly here.

While a bike corral is a good step, the City of Burbank has a long way to go to be named bike friendly.

Bike lanes are still scarcely found and the concept of connecting what little network they have hasn’t taken shape yet.


Not for cars….(photo:


Burbank is also supposed to host an open streets event this spring down Magnolia, but we haven’t seen any promotion yet and it’s already Valentine’s Day eve. (note: just been notified it’s delayed until 2018).

The folks over at Walk Bike Burbank have done an excellent job spreading the word, but are still up against a heavily set-in car culture.

Still, people will see it driving by which might start someĀ conversations about making Burbank more bikeable.

And if that exchange continues on over a couple of beers, even better!