North Hollywood Metro Tunnel Opening Monday

Just like that, spring is here!

This Monday, Metro will be celebrating the opening of the much awaited western entrance to the North Hollywood station only a season late.

I checked progress less than a month ago and I’m surprised how quickly this day now has finally come.

How is my life going to change saving two/three minutes off my commute? I guess I have less than a week to find out.


It’s just about springtime in Australia….

While I’ll be excited about this, but I’m not so sure Mrs.CiclaValley will be since her bike locker will still be on the other side of Lankershim.

There will be a Metro Bike Hub set up in the old train depot at some point, but once again, that day can’t come soon enough.

On the upside for my wife, at least it’ll make it quicker for her to get out since there are two portals now.

Another question that will be raised is if there will be just as strong of a security presence on the westside as the east.

My wife has had TWO bikes stolen from the station already and we could use all the help that we need.

If you follow Metro news closely, this should be the second major opening of a piece of infrastructure along the Red Line in the valley, but for some reason, there was no pomp and circumstance for the Universal City Bridge.

Maybe no one wanted to show their face along with a $30 million dollar price tag.

CiclaValley is pressing to get there Monday to see what all the fuss will be about.

Maybe I’ll even it to use it too!