Not Taking Angeles Crest Highway for Granted

(photo by Daniel Hutchinson)

Don’t take the Crest for granted and listen to your own words.

Ciclavalley’s timeframe for 3+ hour bike rides have become somewhat limited.

We have a new intern at work from the Netherlands and I thought it would be great to show her some of the great places we have to ride.

Oh yeah, she also races at the UCI level.

She’s living in Burbank, so I tried weighing epicness vs. closeness.


I thought taking the Angeles Crest Highway up to Wilson was a perfect balance, even though I much prefer riding deeper up the highway.

Having ridden on the world tour level, I figured that she wouldn’t have been too impressed with what was in front of her, but I could instantly tell I was wrong by her rubbernecking and photo taking.

She didn’t expect much out of cycling in LA from what she had heard and the long continuation of the road bending around the mountains really impressed her.


My attempt at GoPro photography

While I was eager to get further along the ride, I started to think back to my first time on this ride.

Not only was I awed by its beauty, but I also so excited by this discovery that I told all my friends about it, cyclists and non-cyclists alike.

Also along on this excursion was my friend Daniel chronicling the ride.

He’s very multifaceted and includes artistry with everything he does, but what he’s learned to do with the camera has been amazing.

The way he’s able to capture light and frame the images are amazing.



(photo by Daniel Hutchinson)


(photo by Daniel Hutchinson)



(photo by Daniel Hutchinson)


(photo by Daniel Hutchinson)