Outpouring of Love for Cairo Castaneda

It’s been about a week since we received that fateful news that Cairo Castaneda lost his life cycling on Ventura Blvd.

Since the time we placed the ghost bike last week, there has been an enormous outpouring of response. I hadn’t been back to the site since we placed the bike, but returning felt cathartic.

Seeing the bike covered with flowers, candles, softballs and other remembrances gave me a sense of relief that Cairo was well loved.

I also knew this memorial must have made a statement to the hundreds that came to Sunday’s Studio City farmers market.

It’s hard visualizing that the time has come, but this Friday evening there will be a viewing followed by Cairo’s burial on Saturday. Please be respectful of his family.

Also, if you haven’t contributed to Cairo’s Funeral Fund, please consider now.





In the time, I’ve received many messages from those near to him sharing the warm memories they had. If there’s any sense of relief, it’s knowing that Cairo will always be loved.

The time for answers is not now, as they seemingly lead to more questions. If there’s any action to be taken, please help yourself.

Last week, I read a farewell letter to his dad from someone on Facebook. His just father just lost a long and grueling battle with cancer with the letter detailing the pain inflicted on everyone involved.

That just made me think that I’d never want to put my daughter through that.

Unfortunately, I’ve read many similar goodbye letters like that before, but something about the timing made me want to do something about it.

I told myself this weekend that I’d be giving up soda. It’s not the first time I’ve tried, but maybe I have better direction this time.

If there’s anything you can do to improve yourself, why not do it now?