Poll: The Correct Color for Cycling Shoes Is…

“You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet.” – Cher Horowitz

Do enough cycling and you’ll soon know what a large part looking fashionable will be.

There’s probably no more important choice that effects style than your shoes. Jersey, bibs, gloves and socks can be interchanged, but shoes are tricky because once you invest in a precise fitting, it’s a cost you do not want to replicate.

Buy a pair of shoes and most people are pot committed for a few paychecks, so pick wisely.

Mr. CiclaValley finally ponied up for a new pair of Mavics thanks to a great deal from Pedaler’s West:


Did price pay a factor in my choice? A little, but I was only going to go with either grey or white. Basically, anything but black. I consider going that dark makes your shoe look utilitarian from afar and I prefer the contrast of white.

At the same time, I could have made a case for black to coincide with my Bicycle.net Racing Team’s color palate, but I fell like it would look ho hum.

There are some exception to the rules, like these Bonts that caught my eye:

Bonts Vaypor S

Of course, what’s the key feature? The white accents.

Traveling into color can be even trickier hoping all your jerseys and bibs align. One shoe I’ve seen a lot of are the new Giro Empire SLX in orange:

Giro Empire SLX

Yes, they look really nice, but you’re making a real statement that you’re committing to orange for quite a while. But hey, even when I’ve seen people wear them without color coordinating the rest of their outfit, they still look nice.

There are a slew of other colors you can pick, but no other one causes as much controversy as yellow. If you’re going to go with the color of the Tour de France’s leader jersey, you’d better be fast:

I’ve chimed in here enough. If everyone had to wear the same color of cycling shoes, what should they be?

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