Reason #4374 Why Lankershim Needs to be Calmed

Easter is supposed to be one of those peaceful holidays where the streets feel a little quieter with people getting together with family.

You hope that drivers would remain calm, but yesterday we got another stirring reminder why this Great Streets Lankershim project needs to go through with bike lanes.

After a failed attempt to visit the T-Mobile store right off of Chandler (I told the Mrs. it would be closed), we started riding home with CV Jr. in tow.

Just south of Weddington, we noticed some cones set up to block off the west side of the street, but it was a bit unclear what was going on at first with the positioning of the LAPD cars.


The police was just attending to a crash which I can only guess came from a driver trying to make an illegal u-turn (it was a business zone).

When the Great Streets project is completed, the road would be narrowed from five lanes to three meaning the odds of someone even thinking of doing this stupid maneuver will become decreased since there would be limited space to even attempt this.

To keep in the holiday spirit, there was also an Easter celebration going on in the lot next to El Portal Theater meaning your stupidity has risen!

The one thing about these collisions people forget to mention is the danger these blockages cause.

Because people get antsy and want to get to where they’re going, you’ll see a lot of improvising how drivers maneuver around the crash site.



Notice anyone handling a detour?


In this case, the southbound side was completely blocked off and no one was directing traffic.

When I started crossing Lankershim, a bus ran the light right in front of me.

There was about a couple lanes width between us, but the more disturbing part was that the driver was going against traffic because the northbound lanes were the only ones open.

We tried yelling at the bus and bringing attention to the police, but they looked like they had their hands full.

Bottom line, we need to take action now and make sure this Great Streets Project gets built correctly.

LACBC has laid out everyone you need to contact, but at the minimum please fillĀ this survey out immediately.

In this case, itĀ appeared the drivers avoided serious injury, but we know with the amount of collisions along this stretch, they were the lucky ones.

Let’s remove chance from this equation and make it a better street.