Ride of Silence – Pasadena


Today is an important day to remember those lost or injured while cycling as part of a World Wide event known as the Ride of Silence.RideOfSilence

Not only is it important to honor all those no longer with us, but to show unity in the cycling community that cyclist’s lives matter.

One of my closest cycling buddies was highly affected after learning the news the one of his friends was killed last year by a hit-and-run drunk driver. It is a loss that my friend still wears every time I see him. He treats even more that life is a gift and rides to honor Shaun’s memory.

He’ll be joining the ride in Irvine, as there are many rides taking place across the Los Angeles area.

I’ll be nearby at the Rose Bowl ride which you can RSVP to here.

The event is open to all. People will start assembling at 6:15pm with the ride to take place at 7:00pm. You don’t need to get ready to race, but just show up as a sign of support.

Ride of Silence 2015 – Today, Hong Kong cyclists rided together in the rainstorm, as in the past 10 years, to remember all those cyclists who died or were injured in the past 12 months in Hong Kong, and to quietly make the statement that “we are here” and deserve respect and consideration. This is one of hundreds of such rides around the world at the same time, annually on this third Wednesday in May. . .. .沉默的騎行 2015 今天,香港單車人仕在紅色暴雨中一同踏單車,如過去十年一樣,紀念過去一年在香港死亡或受傷的單車使用者,以沉默騎行的方式宣告「我們存在」及應受到尊重及在規劃中應被考慮。這是世界各地數以百計同樣的集體單車騎行活動之一,於每年五月第三個星期三舉行。 #rideofsilence #rideofsilencehk #cycling #cyclinghongkong #dcowlcycle #dcowlsocial #沉默的騎行 #rainstorm

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