Ride Reseda Monday, then Roll Donuts!

Reseda Blvd. is the arguably the spine of the West Valley, for sure in the north-south direction.

It is one of those rare roads that stretches both into the Santa Monica and Santa Susana Mountains.

In between it links the neighborhoods of Tarzana, Reseda, Northridge and Porter Ranch passing by key connections like Ventura Blvd., the Orange Line and CSUN, nee San Fernando State.

When the freeways started being laid out in the 1950’s the street’s landscape began to change as urban sprawl dispersed the area’s vibrancy.

Rail disappeared along Sherman Way and bigger plots of land began blanketing the Northwest Valley.


You’ll find plenty of bikes at CSUN


Even with CSUN being in the top ten largest universities in the state, the Northridge area still can use some prepping up.

As part of taking those steps, Reseda Blvd. was the first to receive improvements as the first in Mayor’s Great Streets Program back in 2015.

Stretching from Parthenia to Plummer, the street was the first in the City to receive parking protected bike lanes, not to mention some lovely hues of green paint.


CiclaValley was there when they were laying down paint…


The sidewalks got some upgrades as well with some fancy sidewalk painting and some stylish furniture thanks to LA Más.

While it’s great to ride through this stretch, there’s still a bit missing.

Part of it has to deal with connectivity, as the lanes have a three-quarter of a mile gap from fully reaching the Orange Line station.

There’s also the issue of cleanliness, as reports have come in that street sweeping has been few and far between.

I know I’m a gifted writer, but the best way of truly judging this area is going for a ride yourself.



This Monday, we’ll be doing a fun little social ride covering this two mile stretch we’re calling the Donut Ride on Reseda!

The start time is 6pm, so lights are a good, if not required item to bring.

More importantly….donuts!!!

I don’t know if I’m ready to just call them by their single name, but we’ll be starting and finishing at Dunkin’ Donuts on Vincennes and if I have to tell you what’s waiting at the end, then you’ll probably never compensate for lack of imagination…

This is a great chance to have a look at infrastructure done right, then hang with the best people in the world…and me.

Hope to see you out Valley style this Monday.

Paceline goodbye.