Ride Some Dirt at the Grand Trofee Sunday

There’s just something to riding dirt.

I love epic climbs and pacelines, but I’m always divided between riding on the road or searching for the solitude of dustiness.


The choice normally skews towards asphalt since it’s more accessible, but I’m always looking for equal representation when I get the chance.

Sunday, SoCalCross is hosting their Grand Trofee series of off road rides starting at the friendly bicycle enclave of Pedalers Fork in Calabasas.
You can come with a cyclocross or mountain bike, even a roadie with wider tires.

What’s most important is the experience. There’s really no better way of touring our great state other than by bike. What I love about this course is that it covers our signature rolling hills that always has a tint of gold.


You also have the option of riding through Red Rock Canyon, a landscape that seems purposely constructed for science fiction films.

If you’re new to this, the ride will have SAG support and a roving mechanic. You’ll also be surrounded by a number of enthusiastic riders which you can push on together. Plus, Pro Cyclocross racer,¬†Stephen Hyde, fresh off of representing the USA at the CX World Championships will give a pointer or two.

You can register online and find all the info on the 70km, 36km or 34km routes here. You’ll also get 20% off of food afterwards at Pedalers Fork.

Registration opens Sunday at 7:00AM with everyone rolling at 8:30AM.

The weather looks to be perfect and I’m sure everyone will come back tired, but fulfilled.