Scenes from SoCalCross’ Series Finale

It’s been a week of rain, back pain and sickness disdain that has largely kept me off of the bike.

For me, every week I take off the bike, it takes about twice that to get back into fitness.

While I’m looking forward to get back into it and for this teacher’s strike to end, I realized there were a few cool shots I took from SoCalCross’ season finale that I never got around to posting.

….and they don’t even include me!

Just cause I know a good start is essential, doesn’t mean I know how to do it

The one thing about cyclocross is always bearing down for someone to pass.

I’m still working on how to properly dismount / mount my bike. I’m also still figuring out if these kids are heckling this guy.

There were a lot of tight turns on this course. Despite my wins, I know I’ve got a lot of work to do on my technique here.

Same turn. Different chase.

This was a super fun corner that if you played it right, you could just whip around.

Have to give props to my boy Kevin here. No one bothered to challenge him in the commuter category!

It was a bit narrow as the course was improvised in places (photo: Dana V)

Our cookie handups were pretty popular. Paging Phil Gaimon if you’re looking for interns…

…and there was some cross pollination with the donuts as well.

When you won by as much as Tydeman Newman did in the A’s, you get to celebrate a little.

It was another great year at SoCalCross.

See in the fall.

Cross is always coming!