Should Cycling be in the Winter Olympics?

I love the Winter Olympics (Warning: another column coming next week).

Do I know why?

It may just be as simple that  enjoy having less events over 17 days than the Summer Games making it way easier to follow.





While the addition of the X Game sports made me weary at first, they perform at such a high level that I’m just as much glued to watching them as any other sport.

Being a cyclist though, there is still a vacant spot in my heart as I want to see some two wheeled action, no matter what the variety.

The question is if the Winter Olympics were to add a cycling sport what would it be?

Every year there always seems to be a couple of stages of the Giro d’Italia that somehow battles snow, but we should probably look at other pure winter disciplines other than road racing.


Giro d’Italia seems to get snowy every year (photo: Velonews)


Everyone would assume during the Jon Snow months that the most popular cycling sport would be cyclocross.

It is an amazing discipline to watch and having completed in it from time to time, it’s way different in the type of effort and technique than other types of racing.

Despite it being an off season type of sport, snow isn’t a factor normally applied.


Does this make yo think of summer or winter? (photo: Velonews)


At best, you have mud but does that sound summery to you?

Looking beyond, snow mountain biking shows some potential.

There is now a UCI level world championship meaning you have athletes that should be competing at an Olympic level.



Still, I’m trying to think about what snow cycling sports that have yet to be invented that might make the grade someday.

Snow cross is super exciting to watch.

What if you threw cyclists on the same course with 4″ tires?

Why not ski jumping on a bike or snow style on a super up BMX bike?

There’s a lot to be excited about, but what would you like to see in the Winter Games (comment below)?