Start Looking at the Weekend: CoolAss Ride & Car Free SFV

This has been becoming a problem lately. There are too many great things happening on the weekend. This is not a bad thing, except if you’re tasked with being a decision maker.

Last year, I took Mrs. CiclaValley out to Car Free SFV which was fun family ride taking us out from Studio City to the then location of Valley CarFreeSFVBikery. It was fun ride that is an excellent followup if you enjoyed CicLAvia(and all did). We even won much coveted tickets to the Fourth of July fireworks show at Radford Studios.

This year’s event, hosted by the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition takes place Sunday at 10am along the LA River where Fulton & Valleyheart meet taking you up to the Orange Line bike path out to the first Bike Corral in the San Fernando Valley.

The ride will return to the LA River starting point where those who pledged to go car-free are eligible for the raffle draw.  Whether you make the event or not, please pledge to support going car free.

If aren’t up for the biking, the LA River Corporation will be holding a scavenger hunt taking place along the river that will bring more awareness to the waterway. Wear comfortable shoes as you’ll have to go a huntin’.

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NOTE: this ride already took place Saturday, not Sunday as listed in this post.

There are a select number of personalities that really stand out in the Los Angeles cycling community, so if you don’t already know who I’m talking about, let me introduce you to Mike Bowers.

MikeBowersCoolAssMike Bowers that is.

If you’ve been to cycling race of any sort in Los Angeles, the emcee more likely than not will be CAM(I abbreviated that to change things up). Obviously, he knows a lot about the cycling scene and cool places to ride, so we’re lucky he’s bringing back his CoolASSRide taking you through new sites across the city.

The ride will be meeting also on Sunday at Grand Park at 11am with a rollout time at noon. Look to explore downtown and the burgeoning Arts District covering 15 to 18 miles.

Mr. CoolAss brings it hard out when racing, but the pace for Sunday will be casual, so don’t come all lycra’d out.

For more details, check out his event page or follow him on twitter or instagram.