Strava’s Global Bike to Work Day Challenge

Yes, it’s bike month. But there’s so much going around, I even have trouble keeping a grasp on it.

In fact, the National Bike to Work Day is May 20th, LA’s is on the 19th and now¬†Strava wants to have its own take on it too.

So tomorrow(Tuesday), the cycling enthusiast surveillance company is promoting their own day to showcase all the people who commute.

All you need to do is download the app(if you don’t have it already) and sign up for the Global Bike to Work Day Challenge.

Overall, I’m sure only a small percentage of cyclists only use Strava, but the more people on it, the better.

Remember the study I did a couple months ago about where people cycle in LA? Well, you better because it took hours to compile.


The more people on Strava, the more data we have to understand what works in LA.

Sure, there won’t be pit stops on Tuesday like there will the following week, but why not bike both days?

Spread the word, promote with¬†#CommutesCount and bring a friend who normally doesn’t ride along with you.