Support a New Bike Bridge in Burbank

What is it with Burbank and its bridge battles? In the wake of the one percenters forcing cyclists off of what is supposed to be the people’s bridge, on Tuesday, the City of Burbank takes up the matter of a proposed span that looks to be quite useful.

LA River Trail between Mariposa and Victory Bridge 1-24-16
LA River Bike Path Future Extension? between Mariposa and Victory Bridge(photo: Mary Dickson)

Metro has funds available to help Burbank build a pedestrian and bicycle bridge across the LA River to link Bob Hope Drive with the future river bike path.

This is another important campaign that the good folks at Walk Bike Burbank have put a lot of time into on top off all the other great work they do.

What’s Mr. Ciclavalley’s opinion? Two thumbs up. I’d throw a third in there if I had another. One of my pet peeves is getting there never has been a route through Burbank into Griffith Park that has excited me.

Looking at google maps, Riverside Drive looks to be the easiest with bike lanes present and a seemingly direct path through. In practice though, the street is in bad condition, the traffic signals have a mind of their own and I’ve yet to see someone do something about the trash cans left out in cyclists way.

Horse Bridge with new sign
Walk Bike Burbank’s comment on the current state of the Mariposa Bridge

Most of the time, I’ll put up with the traffic on Forest Lawn or Alameda where despite what Pythagoras tells us, is much faster. This particular bridge would be right off of Riverside Drive and before facing the number of hazards on the eastern portion.

For people who aren’t me, this will provide a great link when the river path is completed to Disney Studios, St. Joseph’s Medical Center, NBC and the giant Whole Foods development going up across from the Warner Music Building.

I’ve always said that Burbank has a great layout that would see exponential gains if it embraced cycling. This would be a fruitful step, but it needs your help.

The Burbank City Council meets tomorrow night(Tuesday) and there’s a few things you can do:

1. Show up. The general meeting begins at 6:00pm at 275 E Olive Ave. in City Hall. Be there to share your thoughts as this item is definitely on the agenda.

2. Comment online. This should be compulsory. You can either leave your thoughts on the agenda page or email them directly at I suggest doing both to cover yourself.

This is an important link not just to Burbank, but to the whole valley. Please lend your support and help make this bridge a reality.