Support Damian Kevitt Finish the Run at the LA Marathon !

With the LA Marathon less than twenty four hours away, what’s done is done. There’s no more cramming at this point. If this is your first race, you really have no idea what’s ahead of you.

It’s a test to pass barriers you have no clue how your body will handle, both physical and mental. There’s thousands of people out there supporting you, but you miss the total atmosphere trying to conserve energy.
The last 10k has always been my race(I used to be a runner). Trying to fight the cramps. Battling the extended heat. Navigating all your emotions as the end nears.

For me, I always wanted to do marathons, but I didn’t take that leap until one of my hockey teammates was paralyzed from the waist down during the club national championship. I knew from that point on, any chance to run was a gift and every last mile I fought back the tears thinking how fortunate life can be.

Tomorrow will be Damian Kevitt’s first marathon which will not be unique to the field, except he’ll be running on his one “good” leg after his right one was amputated from a cycling hit and run.

Finishing the Ride is one thing, but running 26 miles is another. The technology makes it look easy, but trust me, you need an extra level of grit to make it work.

I will be out there Sunday, cheering all the runners because I know each has an individual story motivating them, but knowing Damian, I can only imagine what it takes to accomplish such a feat.

He’s not a hard guy to miss. He’s tall, will be wearing red and will be busting his tail out there. Let’s give all our fellow Angelenos all the support they deserve.


Don’t forget to register for Finish the Ride coming April 19th.