Temporary License Plates Finally Coming to California

Do I care about being scooped for a story? Not when awesome news like this comes.

On Tuesday, Governor Brown finally signed a temporary license plate bill into law after vetoing similar attempts previous times.

F Yeah!

If you weren’t aware, California is the only state in the union where this provision was absent.

This may sound like my grumpy old man voice, but whether I’m walking, biking or driving, it’s blatantly obvious that drivers without plates are more likely to drive dangerously than others.

With hit and runs being at epidemic levels, it’s about time that we stop giving the opportunity for people to have an out.

As important as saving lives should be, this law came under pressure from a TV investigation exposing the number of drivers who avoid tolls by being untrackable.

This doesn’t sound inspiring to safety advocates, but we’ll take it.

Of course, the law won’t take hold until 2019 which is only 30 months or two and a half years. Put it that way, either sounds long.

This will be a blow to those luxury car owners who purchased their vehicle at one of the marquee dealerships.

Sorry Rusnak.

To rest of us, this is a long day coming for this long day coming. Even if this saves just one life, it’s worth it.