Ten Year Cycling Journey Around the World

Cycling can sure make the world feel small.

Wednesday was just another day until had a couple of surprise visitors from Korea stopped by the office.

We meet a variety of people through our work, but this pair had a special story to tell. And are still writing it.

Will Lee and Julie Shon are in Los Angeles taking a two week break on their final “leg” of cycling on all six continents(no one really uses Antarctica).

What’s amazing about this journey is that this has taken course over the last ten years.

There’s been breaks, like when they went back to finish school and have taken the odd job here and there to have some funds, but for the most part, they have been living from the seat of their pants.

I know this is a trip that everyone dreams of, but if you start to verbalize all the details, you’ll instantly be overwhelmed to how daunting it sounds.


Their journey has covered over eighty countries. I imagine trying to plan out where to ride when map coverage isn’t so good.

Also, unless you’re C3PO, you’re not going to be able to communicate with everyone you come across.

They have been using warmshowers to help them from stop to stop, but also carry plenty of camp gear to handle all conditions.

On the “home stretch” to Alaska, they started this “leg” at the bottom of South America in 2014 with the hope of finishing this September.


Probably the hardest thing to grasp is the amount of time they’ve devoted. Ten years in the prime of your life is a significant portion to devote to any one thing.

It truly means that your spending your time here on this planet living out a life of adventure. I have trouble enough getting out on a two hour ride over the weekend.

They have published three books written in Korean and I hope their story gets shared across the world.

You can also follow their story on Julie’s Instagram.