The Curious Case of Griffith Park Paint

It’s the digital age.

You can snap as many photos as you like without having to reload film, but still, I hate filling my camera up with inconsequential data.

Who wants to sort through all of those?

You don’t have to dig deep into my archives to find I ride through Griffith Park a bit.


Now that the Griffith Park Circulation and Traffic Enhancement Plan is now being implemented, to say I’m curious would be a bit of an understatement.

There’s been a lot of movement the past week and while my general surliness was still in play for taking pictures, I somehow still felt compelled to shoot.

So if you saw my past last week, you’ll notice I started taking pictures last Tuesday when they closed down a portion of Griffith Park for lane striping:




Two days later, Western Observatory Road opened up and I decided to start snapping pics to see the finished product:




and this:




Looks promising.

We knew that the road was being transformed into a one way street and parking would be reconfigured.

The diagonal parking seemed like a departure, but hey I’m not an expert.

So for the last few days, drivers have been able to test it out and I guess decisions have been made because this is what I saw on Monday:




and this:




Yeah. Weird.

Not only are the numbers gone, but so are the painted diagonals.

Maybe planners now predict the new DASH service will be so successful that we can do away with all those extra cars.

Not likely.

On the other hand…I don’t know. I don’t have an answer.

The good news is that there will be a press conference up at the Observatory Thursday at 9am to kick off the Griffith Park Circulation and Traffic Enhancement Plan which will probably explain what happened better than I can.

I’ll give credit where credit is due.

If for some reason the original plan wasn’t working, I’m glad they took the extra steps to try to fix this.

This is a big overhaul and I think everyone would expect this plan needed some tweaking along the way.

It just happened so soon…