The Many Bikes of Mr. CiclaValley: 2000 GT Palomar

If you’ve read CiclaValley more than once, you’re pretty much guaranteed to think I’m an all encompassing badass, somewhere in the range between the Incredible Hulk and that lead white walker from Game of Thrones.

game-thrones-season-5-spoilers-white-walkers-hardhome copy
” Let’s ride a 16″! “

In reality, I’m probably closer to Kenneth Parcell, the page on 30 Rock, except I can add watching Thomas and his Friends to my repertoire.

Sorry to rock your world so hard.

When you hear me babble on about exploits from the past, you’ll constantly hear me bring up my Clinton-era bike from the past, the 2000 GT Palomar.

I’m not good with the relational concept of time, but sometimes I don’t make it clear that I still have that bike today. And ride it!

This relic has outlasted the lifespan of most household pets, but somehow the bike still remains in my repertoire.

I have many reasons to replace it. The frame is rusty, the seat’s all torn up, the shifters are finicky and it’s not even my size, yet I still ride it.


Behold the wonder that is Mr CiclaValley’s 2000 GT Palomar

I’ve tried getting rid of it or hoped that its planned obselence would take over, but to no avail. Every time I take that bike over to Pedalers West to have parts replaced, the price has been low enough that it has been worth it to hold on to the old relic.

It serves as a bike just good enough to get me short distances and priceless enough that I can carry my light, crappy lock with little fear of it getting stolen(DON’T STEAL IT).

I included some pictures of this fine specimen, so if you ever see it out on the road, you can marvel at this technological wonder(DON’T STEAL IT).


This seat offers both comfort and aerodynamics

Down below, you’ll see the main reason why I love this bike, the little hitch attached to my rear hub. I got this hand me down trailer a couple of years ago which didn’t properly cooperate until the Pedalers people did something beyond my understanding to make it work.

I bought this attachment with the idea that I would tow my recently birthed child in it, but she didn’t take to being a passenger or wearing a helmet, as a father would dream.

So I shelved it along with my laser disks, hypercolor jeans and NKOTB posters. But if there’s one thing I’ve gained from watching the Shawshank Redemption over and over again, it’s to learn how to crawl through a pile of shit. Or have hope.


Japanese engineering at its finest

We’ll go with hope. That’s far cleaner.

Over time, my daughter caught wind that daddy was pot invested in this cycling craze, seeing me wear my helmet around the house along with a bunch of fashionably undesirable, mismatched kits.

She took an interest in my riding and began pointing to the trailer in the garage. I took this as a sign and instantly threw her helmet on to take her on a ride.


The latch that is the life line to my daughter

Except it didn’t fit anymore. We waited another day for a larger helmet and now she has a love affair, crawling into to trailer the moment she walks outside and latching herself in.

I don’t know what’s become a bigger part of the family, cycling or the bike itself. It doesn’t matter. They’ll both stay.

And yes, don’t steal it.