The Valley’s Ode to BMX this Sunday

The valley needs not just more bike events, but big ones.

This upcoming Sunday is going to be one of those benchmarks.

If you miss the NBA Reunion & BMX Bike Show Swap Meet, on Monday you’ll be asking yourself why.

I don’t even own or ride a BMX bike, but I’m caught up in the excitement because the energy behind this show is palpable.



Not only are pros coming out, but some of the sports early pioneers.

This is a labor of love for Tommy Gelinas who founded the Valley Relics Museum.

I am not an expert on bikes in general, but you can easily understand the artistry and innovation just from his personal collection alone.




I’m sure you’ll see a few of these Red Lines and Littlejohns on display.


BMX has its roots in the Valley and this show proves it is a living history.

There are going to be a lot of pioneers in the sport at the show, both young and old, so if you’re new to it all, then consider this your education.

The event runs from 10am – 3pm, but you should get there on earlier because people will be coming from far and wide to check it out.

Maybe even bike there.