Timbuk2 Bags

As Director of Education for Finish the Ride, we are promoting products that enhance street safety. While cycling bags may not first come to mind, look around and see how most people travel.
Large duffle bags. Oversized backpacks. Clothing brimming from the edges. It can be enough to knock you off balance or stray from your line to put yourself into danger. Oh yes. I was one of those people.

A couple of weeks ago, Timbuk2 agreed to support Finish the Ride and were kind enough to send a couple of bags that I’ll be reviewing in the next few weeks.

I’m not going to jump the gun and write without trying them, but every question I had in mind seemed to be addressed when I visited the Venice store.

Water proofing. Expansionability. Computer storage. Reflectiveness. Bike lock storage. Water bottles. Breathability. Rob had all the answers before I could even formulate the questions.

I’m extremely excited to try the bags and share my opinions. The only downfall is I might now be spending more time biking and less typing!