Tuesday Update: Forest Lawn Bike Lanes & LACBC Meeting

If some of you remember my article about the Forest Lawn Bike Lanes a couple of weeks ago, I got quite a response from it.

Truth be told, I did contact the Bureau of Public Works months ago after its President, Kevin James, addressed LA’s Bicycle Advisory Committee. And I got nothing.

Now that I posted this video, I got a big response:

The LADOT Bike Program contacted me to call 311 which sent me to the Department of Street Services. I told them that the road was cracked and bumpy causing cyclists out into the roadway. I also mentioned it was in need of a street cleaning as I can’t remember if it’s ever been done.

These are separate issues, so I hope the street cleaning gets taken care of sooner, than later.IMG_20140613_103511
When she asked me what the cross streets were, I had to pause because there aren’t really any city cross streets on this 2.1 mile stretch. I just said from Barham to Zoo Dr., even though you could cut out the Warner Brothers section.

If anyone can report any progress, contact me here. Also they gave me a confirmation number, so if anyone wants to check up(on me or them), the number is 15010666.

Update: I happened to ride the lane westbound this afternoon. I didn’t expect the work crews to be out there, but it just brought back my memory on how bad it is. A simple street sweeper will not do. There are mounds of dirt and gravel that cover a good part of the lanes requiring some heavy lifting. I would have taken some pics of the debris covering a majority of the lane, but I wanted to get out of there!

(Note: Council District 4 candidate Sheila Irani has contacted me a number of times concerned about these lanes. I’m not here playing favorites, but I’ll post anything a candidate has to say about these lanes.)

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The LACBC will be holding their monthly Valley Ambassador meeting tomorrow(Wednesday) at MacLeod’s Ale Brewing¬†at 6pm. There are a number of issues to be taken up, including bike lanes and next month’s CicLAvia.

You don’t have to be a member or drink beer to show, but come if you want to learn about cycling activism in the valley. Details about location here.