Two Open Streets Events Coming to the Valley in 2017!

San Fernando High(now Middle School) Auditorium built by John C. Austin(City Hall, Griffith Observatory..)

I’ve been hearing grumblings the last few months that the Valley would not be getting a CicLAvia in 2017, but that’s not all bad news.

Next year, the 818 will be getting not one, but two open streets events in Burbank and San Fernando!

You could also say we’re going three deep since CicLAvia will also come to Glendale(which I’ve always maintained is technically part of the valley), but I’ll leave that controversy for another day.

I’m so excited about both valley events, that I don’t know which to mention first, so I’ll just go in chronological order.


Make out where open streets will be taking place..

First, the yet to me named open streets event next Spring in Burbank looks to be placed exactly where I would wish: down the heart of Magnolia Blvd.

This is a street that has a vibrant collection of small businesses, yet still embraces a 50s-ish planning scheme.

There are a lot of great establishments to walk to, but things get crowded along the Boulevard fast.

Porto’s, Doughnut Hut, Tony’s Darts Away and Tony’s Restaurant(no relation) have always been staples in the CV household.


Biking along the Boulevard has always been an adventure as even though there’s a passing lane in both direction, I’ve found Burbank to foster a far more aggressive approach to passing than other parts of the valley.

A lot of times, people ask me why I don’t take the Chandler Bikeway. My response: do you drive a half mile out of the way if that’s not where you need to go?


I imagine this next open streets event in Burbank will feature more bikes. And less horse crap.

I’m excited for the fine people of Walk Bike Burbank to have a larger open streets event in their city next year and gain a lot of momentum out of it.

As for the City of San Fernando, be prepared to wake a sleeping giant next fall.

I’m taking more of wild guess where exactly the route will be, but I’m guessing it’ll cover some combination of San Fernando Road, Brand, Maclay and San Fernando Mission Road.

Just another lovely 19th Century Victorian

Just another lovely old home in San Fernando.

Nowhere else in the valley do I find more of a link to the past than up here.

It’s not just the San Fernando Mission, but the many turn of the century homes off the business district which has the look of being wiped out by midcentury planning.

If you explore a little more from the core, you’ll discover the Pico Adobe, the Nethercutt Auto Museum and the Bear Pit BBQ.

The San Fernando Brewing Company also has the best layout of any brewery in the valley.


Lopez Adobe(1882)

With the Metrolink Train Station right in the heart of it, why wouldn’t you consider San Fernando if you worked downtown?

The San Fernando Road Bike Path is a great piece of divided infrastructure, but everyone wishes the southern entities would work on continuing its passage.

As for the Glendale event, I’ll sum it up briefly. This city shares a lot of the same problems as Burbank: a great layout, but poor infrastructure.

This is a city that would GREATLY benefit from more cycling as well and hopefully CicLAvia will open some eyes.

2017 is going to be a great year for open streets and the valley. I’m excited, but just help me not to look too far ahead!