VIDEO: Bike Tour of LA Landmarks

One of the best parts about cycling where we live is how our rides can turn into an inadvertent Bike Tour of LA Landmarks.

Occasionally on Saturdays I’m able to join my friends from IBP (that’s Insane Bike Posse if you understand 90’s cultural references) for a thirty mile loop out of Studio City.

It may not sound like enough distance for something special, but that’s a presumption you’d make if you’re already jaded.


Studio City / Griffith Park / Hollywood Hills Loop – 29.2 miles, 2,822 feet of elevation


Most Angelenos don’t realize how close you are to some many landmarks because driving around just isn’t the best way to see them.

If you’re in a car, you’ve got to deal with parking or deal with the limited view from behind a windshield as someone else is honking at you.

Riding a bike allows you access to more visuals to take in and taking some short detours will yield you plenty more.

It’s amazing that there’s this much to see in just 30 miles…