VIDEO: CiclaValley’s Lowlights of the Week

Ahhh cameras.

They’re great because they give you videos.

I guess it isn’t simpler than that, but unfortunately, I’ve had more content that I wished for cycling in the past week.



Last Wednesday, I was just leaving home heading south on Colfax when I could tell something was about to happen.

A number of drivers enter the bike lane to avoid backup, but I could tell from the man looking over his shoulder that he was planning to do some malfeasance:



Just a couple of blocks after the last video, I made a route stop at a light on Moorpark.

Even though the light says green, you’re pretty vulnerable as a cyclist, so I always make sure things are clear before moving ahead.


I love how this lady is apologizing as she’s doing it, unaware of the invaluable lesson she’s teaching her child.

Yes, I yelled, but you can probably hear the parked driver on the light speak up first.



I’ve mentioned plenty of times how dangerous 7th Street is.

Drivers try to gain whatever edge they can only to find no improvement in their progress.

This cabbie ran the light and buzzed me only for me to catch him at the next light.



And here’s his info:




I was on my way to work yesterday on the usually precarious Forest Lawn Drive to face an even new hurdle which is not unexpected at this point.

Some truck dumped a great load of dirt as if to bury the bike lane inches deep.

There was no sign or cones acting as a warning sending me right into traffic:



Let’s leave on a high note. On the first official day of fall, I headed up to Griffith Observatory on the way to work.

Being on a heavy gravel bike, I probably feel more invincible than I should thinking my wider tires are a cureall.

Still, I should recognize that water is wet until I hear otherwise:



The funny part is that the whole sequence felt like it happened in minutes, not seconds.

I was sure I was going to wipe out hard leaning to my right, then again to my left.

I thought I almost corrected myself, but the third time is a charm.

Luckily, the fall wasn’t that bad and I’m glad nothing really happened.

So you can laugh…