VIDEO: Metro Bike Share Launches in North Hollywood

Earlier this month, Metro Bike Share launched in North Hollywood and it’s about time this program landed in the San Fernando Valley.

Serving both the Orange and Red Lines, the NoHo Station is among the busiest in the system with the surrounding area showing tremendous growth.

The service area includes sixteen stations also covering parts of Valley Village, Toluca Lake, Burbank and Studio City with more pickup locations looking to be added.

With parking costing $3 at the Metro Station, the $1.75 cost seems quite reasonable even when you factor also paying for the trip home against the cost of driving a car and finding a parking spot far from the station’s portals.

This system will also play a bigger role once the TOC project covering some prime real estate gets some cranes in the ground.

Already in the area, you can see the impact that scooters have had even without much infrastructure to accommodate them.

It’s pretty clear as I drive by the Metro Bike Share stations that they are getting used seeing the vacancies alter each time I pass.

I hope this is just the start of something big, as there’s a few locations that can greatly benefit with an expansion.

With the dedication ceremony taking place earlier this month, the commitment to this program was put forth my LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds and local LA City Councilmember Paul Krekorian.

Hopefully, the infrastructure will soon follow to help make Metro Bike Share flourish.