Video: Metro Driver Turns Bike Lane into Bus Only Cutoff Zone

If you caught my Twitter Tuesday, you might have seen a little video that I had posted during the day.

On my way into work that morning, I was riding down Spring with a few cyclists in sight as I passed 3rd Street.



This is an area I’m extra careful because a frequent amount of drivers bolt across near the midway crosswalk into a fairly priced parking garage.

Buses normally treat me well, but seeing this driver make these maneuvers caught me off guard.



Needless to say, the cyclist right beside me was not pleased either.

I stated on my tweet that there were a few things the driver did that was untoward:




There’s also a few more things you could point out too, but the thing that angered me the most was when I pulled out my second camera to take a pic of the driver.

She wasn’t apologetic, but actually waving at me like she was some type of celebrity.

Is this really the level of respect Metro drivers have for others?

I would hope not.