VIDEO: Two Minutes, Three Bad Drivers

Are you ever in a store and no one is around to watch what you’re doing?

It would be easy to steal something, but you don’t because of a range of values.

Whether it’s a morality issue, the fear of getting caught or tarnishing your reputation, there’s a number of reasons why taking something isn’t even a possibility.

Driving a car can have graver consequences, yet the urgency to be a law abiding citizen performing this activity isn’t there.

Speeding, illegal turns, texting, and inattentiveness are just a fraction of the bad practices we see on the road.

Disobey the law and you’re more likely to win the lottery than be ticketed for an infraction.

Yet on the streets, we see these malpractices at such a high occurrence where not only is there lack of accountability on the policing, but you see little remorse at this behavior as well.


Countless hours and hours of footage…


How many times have you tried getting someone’s attention as politely as possible to be met with only a middle finger.

Our society as a whole has evolved over decades to give people the permission to act relentlessly like in no other aspect of our lives.

We all encounter the person not knowing what to order at the cash register, standing in the 12 items or less line that shouldn’t and a number of annoyances during the day, but you don’t see people go ballistic all the time.

I used to be like Uncle Ted and post videos anytime bad drivers threatened me with poor driving, but Pandora’s Box filled up pretty quickly.

This two minute sequence (edited down) in DTLA is just another example of the recklessness that defines our streets.


Ninety seconds of nonsense


The first action came from a seemingly regular ride share pickup, albeit this one being done correctly not stopping in a lane of traffic.

Downtown has a number of one-way streets, meaning if you don’t plan correctly, you might have to circle around to find your way.

In this case, the driver wanted to head west down 8th Street, but turning onto Main should have made that move an afterthought.

So how do you save time?

Make an illegal u-turn going the opposite way and hope you don’t barrel into unsuspecting pedestrians while you’re at it.


One man. Coming at cha’.


Malfeasance number two happened seconds later with the all too common, “My car weighs 20x more than you so physics is going to push you aside” maneuver.

Sometimes, you wonder if the painted buffer is just there to give more rooms for drivers not to care.

No signal and total indifference from the driver why I would even raise a finger why I was being cutoff.


It’s the driver with the pink plate!!


And yes, why we still see so many people without license plates in April, I have no idea.

At least, Main Street should be getting some of the same improvements as Spring St. a block over, but the sooner, the better.

In the homestretch of this adventurous journey, I caught the one thing I fear all the time on my bike: the unexpected fall.

Primarily, I’m worried about getting doored into traffic, but number two on my list is getting caught in a crack and keeling over unexpectedly.

That’s what happened to this bike messenger, but luckily there were no cars around at the time.


How confident do you feel that drivers would stop for you?


Still, seeing how it was going to take him a moment to get up, my focus was on the drivers behind us.

I tried creating a roadblock in front to stop oncoming traffic to give the cyclist time to pick up his goods.

Even as I stood there waving my arms, I was still unsure whether the driver saw me or was going to try and swerve around at a high speed.

It was unnerving to have any moment of doubt concerning this as now I was the person who was first in line, but the lead driver eventually slowed down albeit a bit later than I had hoped.

This state of lawlessness has become too prevalent where as enforcement regarding our most protective laws are virtually absent.

Until more action is taken, I imagine you’ll be seeing more of these compilation videos in the non so distant future….