VIDEO: Up Close at Ride the Black Line

Ride the Black Line is a popular summer series of track races held at the Encino Velodrome.

If you’re familiar with the time-space continuum, you’ve already missed it.

One way to relive the racing which features some of LA’s faster riders is from photographer-racer-German-brokenclavicalbonerecoveree-goodhusbandingskilled Einhard Scheimpflug.

I’m also a teammate of his on the Racing Team, but he is all that which I just mentioned.

I’m a sucker for any sharply looking / hi-def cycling action, but he went a few steps further adding some tricks of his own:

Now, my closet of cycling disciplines seems to be full for me to take up track racing, but this video really pumps your adrenalin to get on one of those bikes.

The good news is that you learn how to ride track or watch racing action all year round at the Encino Velodrome.

All you have to do is get involved.

Follow the velodrome on Facebook and on their webpage┬áto keep up what’s going on.

Just be ready when RTBL returns.