VIDEO: WeeHoo Party Time

weehoo party time

I’ve owned a WeeHoo for three years and as CiclaValley Jr. is transitioning out to riding her own bike, I’m really going to miss it.

Originally, I had a bike trailer for her at the age of two, but she felt really distant from me when we rode.

The other problem was that we had it only set up on one bike, so when the wife wanted to get into the action, getting a rear bike seat solved a lot of problems as it was easy to attach to each of our rear racks.

Besides the ease, there was the big benefit or her riding right next to you as we’d have a conversation the entire ride about what we were seeing and where we were going.

As CV Jr. was starting to get a bit large for the seat, I knew something intermediary had to be a solution as even if she learned how to ride a bike, we would still be limited to how far and fast she could ride.

The WeeHoo was a perfect solution to all of our problems.

I targeted getting the one with a crank because I knew pedaling would make it a far more interactive experience even though she was now spaced further away.

Now, it’s a few hundred dollars to buy one of these rigs, but I figured there were other parents out there whose kids have aged out.

I scoured Craigslist and the pickings were slim, but I’m pretty patient to wait for what I want.

My search ended up reaching statewide and I found one in a remote area about 75 minutes south of Sacramento which coincided with my travels up to Cal Bike back in 2017.

Needless to say, the WeeHoo has more than lived up to expectations being a great companion to many adventures.

Taking the WeeHoo out to Santa Barbara

Now that she’s pretty proficient on two wheels we’ve dialed back the WeeHoo so much, that it now resides at my neighbor’s house, but it’s easy enough to head over and grab when needed.

Riding bikes with kids is the best and I’ve been so fortunate the memories the WeeHoo has brought.

I look forward to the more that are coming, even if someone else uses it…