Volar Active Returns with New Season of Socks

When a valley boy does good, I’m fine showing them love over and over again, even if when he doesn’t need my help.

Volar Active is launching its third line of socks already with a massive global reach.

Not only will you find them in a number of stores locally, but their reach also includes Europe and Australia.

Funny for a line of socks that are so LA centric.

This season brings a few new variations on a theme.

Mulholland White

First, his Mulholland socks are a continuation of his #repyourroute theme outlining this iconic road from the Hollywood Hills through the dirt near the Sepulveda Pass all the way down to PCH.

The repetition makes an interesting pattern, but the problem you’ll have is picking between the white or black base.

Mount Wilson also got its own tribute as it justifiably should being near the top of my list for essential LA climbs.

Mount Wilson

This design has more of a folksy feel to it reminding us of Mount Wilson’sĀ alpine nature.

We went up to Mount Disappointment a few weeks back and the socks really photograph well off of the morning light.


Rafi getting ready to shoot at Mt. Disappointment

The last addition are Volar’s second entry recognizing the sport’s heritage inspired by cycling legend Fausto Coppi, also known as il Campionissimo or the Champion of Champion.

The Italian was well decorated having won a number of the monuments, five Giro d’Italias and twice at the Tour de France.

The only thing that held back his legend was the second World War, as he dominated both before and after.

Celeste 1952

These socks celebrate 1952, the last time he won the Double (Giro and Le Tour).

Coppi died early at age 45 from getting malaria from mosquitos on a hunting trip.

His legend still lives on in the as bonus points for the mountain competition over the highest peak in the Giro is called the Cima Coppa.

Fausto Coppi

The socks are inspiredĀ the colors and style of the time.

I’m starting to learn that I have to cut down my urge to buy kits, because I have only so much space left at my place, but having a sock fetish is far more manageable to deal with.

…and you won’t break the bank either!

Order yours now at volaractive.com.