Walk Bike Burbank’s Midnight Ramble this Saturday

Night rides are always way cooler in practice than on theory.

Some people get intimidated riding after hours as if for some reason the lack of sunlight means you’re invisible.

These rides are super enjoyable because the roads are a lot less crowded than you think and it’s the one time of day the temperatures are manageable.

Walk Bike Burbank is bringing back Midnight Ramble for their 3rd Edition and I had such a great time last year, I marked the 2017 ride on my calendar months ago.

First of all, there are a lot of great people to hang with from WBB that it’s going to be a problem speaking to all of them in just one evening.

The ride itself is flat and kept at an easy pace that the group is able to own the road while you mix in some fun conversation as you roll.

Also, the ‘Ramble starts out of Pure Cycles who do a great job supporting the cycling community and put some great events on their own.

Oh yes, there will be tacos flowing as well.

If there’s anything to take issue with about the ride is that it doesn’t actually start at midnight, but at a more palatable time meeting up at 10pm and rolling closer to 11pm.

I’ll be there of course, but get your friends on board and RSVP for this Saturday night here.