Wednesday’s Ride of Silence is a Moment to be Part Of

It’s a mixture of emotions holding another Ride of Silence.

Bringing this emotion to a bike ride is something no one has to schedule, but doing nothing would leave a bigger void.

Placing a couple of ghost bikes already this year is two more than I wanted.

I can’t fathom what it would be to lose a loved one like this.

There are times I imagine it happening to a family member only stopping to ask why you would go through that morbid exercise.

The best we can do is honor the memory of those we’ve lost and ensure these tragedies never happen again.

Part of it is taking action, like addressing our leaders at City Hall Friday, but another is showing the rest of your community that we are a big part of it.

This Wednesday evening, we’re hosting out third Ride of Silence out of the North Hollywood Metro Station and it’s important you be there.




We’ve had large crowds the last two years and seeing a large group silently take over the streets sends a powerful message as we roll by.

Losing the lives of Sebastian Montero and Lenny Trinh this year would be enough of a reason to pay our respects, but sadly there have been scores more here in the Valley.

The ride will be roughly seven miles at a 10-12mph pace. We will begin the ceremony at 6:30pm and roll promptly at 7:00pm, as a sign of unity for the other events taking place around the world.

As you can tell by the ride’s Facebook Page that this is going to be a large ride.

I would love to see you there, but I’ll be fine if you attend one of the plenty of others, including Pasadena, Thousand Oaks, Long Beach, Huntington Beach and Oxnard.

Make a difference to this community.