Weekly Cycling Recap: The LA River Ride

This may be my least prolific Monday morning post, but hey! I woke up at 3am, got to the Autry at 3:57am and left at 7:08am.

My mistake. 7:08PM!

So yeah, I’m tired, grumpy and in denial that the LA River Ride is over.

Today will be abbreviated, but I’m still giving it the college try(like I went to Florida State). Here are some quick pics I’ll share off the bat.


Colorful 1st wave(maybe 2nd) ready to leave the ride(maybe 3rd).


“El Pedal” giving each rider the sendoff they deserve!


Please caption this birdcage bike yourself.

 70 mi #ridemarshal 4 #lacbc #lariverride only spotted 1 major crash called 911, lead groups through Vernon, had fun! pic.twitter.com/jK8k4KGSiq

— Wolfpack Hustle (@WolfpackHustle) June 29, 2015

I didn’t get the chance to thank Mr. Hustle, if that’s his real name, but super glad he was part of a solid marshaling team.


Eric Gonzales. First volunteer to show, almost the last to leave.