Weekly Cycling Roundup: Finish the Ride, Sea Otter & LA Circuit Race

Cycling season is in full swing. Every weekend is loaded with events and we have perfect weather. What a perfect combo.

First, I’ll start with the Sea Otter Classic, one of the greatest cycling festivals in the country. Mountain biking, road races, cyclocross, gran fondo… you name it they got it:

Gee Atherton getting sideways at the pro finals today #SeaOtter #HitTheTranny

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Good thing the dolls don’t distract…  

The hills are alive with the sound of hecklers…


Retired…still way faster than me.    


Sea Otter

Plenty of great ways to separate yourself from your money.


Our boy big man in the pack looking comfortable with a smile on his face. Taking 2nd at #seaotter in men’s 4s 35+ circuit road. A photo posted by Sv Cyclesport (@scottsvalleycyclesport) on

The hills of Monterey as a magical background.

Finish the Ride’s second event took place this Sunday adding runners and rollerbladers to this year’s edition. It also attracted many political leaders and other cycling advocates to help support an end to hit-and-runs:

This morning I participated in #FinishTheRide a ride, run, walk and roll designed to bring awareness to the #hitandrun epidemic in #LosAngeles. The event’s founder Damian Kevitt, far left, was hit and dragged 200 yards onto the 5 freeway while riding his bike two years ago near the LA Zoo. He broke over 20 bones and lost his leg. This week my council colleagues and I unanimously passed an ordinance making every hit and run crime in the city eligible for a reward. In Damian’s case, the reward would be $25,000 for the capture and conviction of the person who heinously dragged him 200 yards onto the 5 freeway. Someone asked if I thought that the introduction of a bounty to combat hit and run crimes indicated a huge red flag that we have serious social moral issues. My answer is YES. The hit and run epidemic and the need for a bounty is a huge red flag. And that is the reason Finish the Ride is an important event. Just because we live In the second biggest city in the country does not give us a license to be morally deficient. What kind of human being leaves another human being to die on the street after striking them. We must not protect these people. @mitchofarrell

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Finish the Ride Director Damian Kevitt takes off with Councilmen Mitch O’Farrell and Joe Buscaino.    

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Other’s ride to remember.


Ready for this walk #finishtheride #hanger #team #work

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Double points for doing the whole 10k with a Baby Bjorn!  

LA PASSES LAW FOR REWARDS FOR HIT & RUN DRIVERS! #FinishTheRide A photo posted by @mommavega on

On top of Sunday’s event, Finish the Ride spoke at City Council supporting an ordinance offering a reward for all hit-and-run crimes.


In Los Angeles, we have very few road races north of the 105. The LA Circuit race keeps growing year after year:

LA circuit race! Getting more interested in racing..great job Lagrange! #lacircuitrace #lagrange #roadbike #roadrace

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The course runs along the south side of LAX, the same as the twice-a-week NPR Ride.  

I’m getting addicted to slo-mo.