Weekly Roundup: LA River Ride Prep & the Best of LA

Mr. CiclaValley is pretty deep into getting for the LA River Ride, but that doesn’t mean his mind wanders.

Today I bring you a collection of photos not just from yesterday’s marshal ride, but also a few things around the LA area that caught my eye.

So enjoy:


These are some of the fine marshals you’ll see during the River Ride. I’m not protecting their faces. I’m just a bad photographer.


The Spoke Bicycle Cafe. A simple, yet brilliant idea along the LA River.


A little further down the river, the Frog Spot makes its presence.


Boyle Heights is part of the historic jog to make to get back to the river.


You want to ride right into the Sears….


….or into the Brewery.

Enough of my grandstanding. Here’s some of the other great shots around LA:

Cool shot. I’m guessing Mulholland?

Art Walk. A good time to mix in bikes.


Save a car and ride a bike! #biketowork #bikecommuting #beattraffic #bikela #betterforit

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It wouldn’t look as cool if this were a normal guy taking a picture from his car.

Yes, this is part of Los Angeles.