What Others Think of “Bikes vs Cars”

I value my opinion a lot because it’s the only one I have, but I realize that not a lot of others have been hit in the head enough like me to think the same way.

When advancing the cycling cause, I don’t think W.W.C.I.C.L.A.V.A.L.L.E.Y.D., because I’m already pretty committed to this advocacy thing. I’m more concerned about the people who are semi-involved or even not likely candidates to see what their relationship with the two-wheeled world is. It’s hard to get them on a bike, but it’s easy to send them do a movie.BVC06
Bikes vs Cars has been playing near my house and I thought that instead of seeing it for a second time, I’d do one better: send my wife and mom to the movie(someone had to stay home to babysit). My mom is in the age bracket and has a neck problem that keeps her off a bike. Mrs. CiclaValley normally only rides her bike a mile to the train station, but has been shelved recovering from her broken arm.
I’ve been telling people that the movie is a 6.5 out of 10, but once again, that’s coming from someone who lives and breathes it everyday. What would someone think if they were exposed to a more worldwide view of cycling?
When the women of CiclaValley returned from the movie, they both spoke of the movie with glowing results. My wife didn’t even have to say a word because I could tell she was fired up. She didn’t ever want to buy another car again. I’ll let that one breathe, but if it gets me that much closer letting me buy a cargo bike, so be it.
As for my mom, she was really impressed. She loved the global perspective of cycling, the history of how the car took over and the understanding of how bikes can save the environment. She asked me, “Is this movie going for an academy award?”
Not the NoHo7, but people enjoying Bikes vs Cars nonetheless.
I successfully ditched an answer responding, “Do you think I have a vote?”
The movie had a followup Q & A with the director Fredrik Gertten, who once again, my mom was real impressed with. She has been trying to do a documentary about education herself and was thinking he’d be perfect to tie it all together. Maybe this is how things happen in Hollywood.
I’ll give Bikes vs Cars a bit more credit. It got the conversation going about people who it may not be in their regular dialogue. Sometimes it’s not about firing up the foot soldiers, but enlisting new ones.
Today’s the last day of screenings at the NoHo7. I suggest you get over there to watch.