Wolfpack Hustle’s Forsyth Cup Saturday at the Encino Velodrome

A little CiclaValley secret: if I ever won one of those large Powerball jackpots, you’d be sure I’d give a good chunk of it to the Encino Velodrome.

I’ve never even ridden a track bike and I make it out about once a year to watch.

Still, there’s a Truman Show quality to it as the outside world is a distant distraction and there’s a large sense of community between all types of riders.

Wolfpack Hustle garners the same type of atmosphere at its races, but finally the two worlds collide.

Don Ward is introducing the Forsyth Cup this Saturday and the Valley should be an excellent host.


Encino Velodrome11

There will be a long line up at the Encino Velodrome


Unfortunately, I booked a trip out of town months ago, but that doesn’t stop my enthusiasm for writing about this.

On top of racing, Don is one of the best organizers for cycling advocacy and safe streets we have.

Qualifying starts at 5 pm and of course you have to be track certified to enter.

The top 12 men and women with the fastest lap will advance to the finals.

And not that I have to mention it, but the winners will get one of the coveted dog tags.


For more information, check into his Facebook page.