100 Seconds of Los Angeles: CiclaValley’s Commute Video

Everyone who gets a GoPro always starts with the dream that they’ll have an endless supply of cool stuff to film the 100Sec01moment it arrives.

I was one of those deciples mng my Cycling Across LA channel last year trying to catalog all the cool rides around the city. Even with the right tools, editing all that footage took awhile with time being a rare commodity.

Last month, I started riding with my camera again not to document what a kickass rider I am, but just having a record in case anything goes awry on the road, mostly during my commute to work.

Then I started to realize I get to see a lot of cool things along the way, something a lot of outsiders may not realize that is easy to do on a bike.

So to make things simple, I’m going to cut down some of my commutes to 100 seconds so people get an idea of what it 100Sec02takes to ride from the North Hollywood area into downtown.

In terms of monotony, it shouldn’t be that monotonous(except for me repeating the word) as I like to choose different routes to work.

This video features me riding up Wrightwood to Mulholland before crossing the 101 freeway down Beachwood. The last portion has me taking Franklin to Hillhurst to Sunset, a route I tend to copy frequently.

Take in 100 seconds of fun and there will be more to come.