CiclaValley’s Cycling Holiday Gifts Guide

The holiday season is here and whether you celebrate one or not, you’re going to get gifts one way or another.

CiclaValley is normally into giving more than receiving, as a personalized holiday card tells me enough that I’m in your thoughts.

Still, I fantasize all year round about all the fun cycling goods I wish for. Why not manifest that into a holiday list? I always need content anyways.

If you ever feel so inclined, I’m sure if you send any of these over to LACBC, that I can get one of my lackeys to pick them up. These are all the things I would receive if I never left dreamland, but you should make a reality:

Ornot Golden Jersey – $125

CiclaValley loves buying locally and this California based clothier’s style really speaks to me. I love the simplicity of their designs mixed in with modernist accents. Whoever designed these jerseys must have spent late nights in the architecture studio listening to the Smiths as well. My favorite part is its golden color as it matches the hues up the California coast once summer hits.

Garmin 1000 – $499

This is a gift I can actually use. If you’ve ever seen CiclaValley strolling along, he’s got his watched strapped to his handlebars as he zooms along. The truth is, I’ve been using my Garmin XT310 for so long that I actually bought it for running! I’m fine using it for eternity, but the buttons are starting to misfire, so it’s about time I upgraded. The Garmin 1000 can do everything I need and more. Do I really need live Strava segments? That’s a deep rooted philosophical question that might get me off of my routine. $500 may be a bit much to spend, but I could see myself going to the 510 at some point.

Lone Wolf Cycling Totem Short – $135

Having already purchased a kit, I’ve found their clothes some of the best fitting I have. Some might argue that may have to do oblong body, but judging by all their sold out selection, I’m sure they know what they’re doing. Its getting chilly and the wool lined Totem winter shorts are perfect now that we only have three hours of sunlight a day. Throw in the long sleeve Barren jersey as well so my uppers stay warm too.

Cannondale Slate 105 – $2799

I love my cyclocross bike and I’ve often railed against this new gravel bike trend, but after have a great ride a couple weeks ago along the Topanga State Park fire roads, I’m starting to reconsider. Having some suspension and better gearing would be icing on the cake. I’m a beggar, so not much of a chooser when it comes to Cannondale’s new Slate line. With 42mm tires and front suspension, you can just imagine how much fun these bikes can be. I already enjoy my CAAD 10 and it seems like Cannondale has hit a home run from their early reviews. Any of three bikes they just introduced would please CiclaValley. I’m not pick

Maap/Cycling Tips ÉCHAPPÉE kit – $325

It seems like all the exciting kits are coming out of Australia right now. Lumiere, Attaquer and Black Sheep all seem to blow through their supply as soon as their kits are posted. If there’s one brand that captures my aesthetic, it would side with the wide line of apparel from Maap. I love the architectural/supergraphic feel from their kits. Picking one is particularly hard, but I would go with the Echappee/Cycling Tips Collaboration Jersey. Damn the toothpaste color! I’ve seen one in person and not only do I dig the look, but the materials and cut seem perfect for SoCal. G’day!

Timbuk2 Especial Tres – $209

It’s no secret that I’ve always been a fan of Timbuk2 bags, already owning three of them(technically four with Mrs. CiclaValley). So far, the bags have been as advertised: functional, ergonomic and durable. I knew this was an addiction that would continue to fuel itself and now I have my eyes on the Especial Tres. With El Nino coming, I could use a larger bag than I own with waterproofing to carry all the extra clothes needed to look like a single drop never touched me. Even with the elements, I’ve found that their bags have stood up exceptionally to how dirty I get them and how well they handle the wash.

Catella GMR Jersey – $199

If you haven’t figured it out by now, dressing in Rapha, Castelli or some of the other bigger brands is out. Finding the niche clothing companies are in. I’m glad to see another local company like Catella help raise the game. I’ve seen some of their kits around looking pretty slick and I’ve love to get the new GMR Jersey(in pre-order) to add to my collection. There’s not a lot of bells and whistles visually, but their jerseys always look aero and the materials handle the Southern California heat pretty well.

Ridge Supply Skyline-Burnt Orange Socks – $15(now $12)

Socks. I never thought I’d get this much into them, but here I am trying to eloquently match my lower extremities with an arsenal of choices. The latest that has caught my eye comes from Ridge Supply Company. They use essentially the same pattern on most of their socks, but what makes them shine is their color choices. I already bought two pair, but I’m kicking myself for not buying these. They’ll make a perfect complement once my Roll Call kit delivers.

Ride Arenberg Jersey & Big Shorts – $288

Lastly, my eye turns to something from the Old World. Ride Arenberg’s line of cycling clothing captures the ease and expertise you would expect from European design. Inspired by the famous forest and the essence of Paris-Roubaix, their kits are efficiently modeled matching functionality with style. These are clothes that will stand out on any Belgium street you choose to ride. Wait, this is from Australia again? I better smile while I eat my vegemite sandwich!