626 Golden Streets & Other Events Cancelled for this Weekend

News came late afternoon yesterday that this weekend’s open streets event, 626 Golden Streets was being cancelled due to the fires raging just above on the San Gabriel Mountains.

This is a disappointment for the hard working folks over at Bike SGV who have put their skin in the game planning and promoting this event for the past two years.

Whether there was a cycling event or not, it seemed like the team of 626ers would pop up with flyers in tow where you’d least expect it.

Not to mention that Gabe the Sasquatch has been a great marketing feature despite the countless hours it must have taken to train that creature not to maul and maim humans.

SoCalCross also had to cancel theirĀ City Cross Cycle-Fest in Irwindale due to the fire as well, not to mention the Montebello Bicycle Coalition’s Angeles Highway Ride on Saturday.

Mr. CiclaValley was really looking forward to Golden Streets as Mrs. CV’s family and friends live just a couple of blocks off the course.

It’s been real smokey all week long across the Los Angeles region, so even as the fire slowly has been coming under containment, this was a tough decision to make with all the hard work invested.

The good news is that they’re aiming to reschedule Golden Streets later this year and with the buzz already created, I’m sure the new date will get people excited once again.

Sure, this is like rain on your wedding day or ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife, but this is not over. Golden Streets will be here soon.