Our City is Being Taken Over by Smoke

(view of Mt. Wilson from Griffith Park)

I probably don’t need to point this out, but the San Gabriel Fire is in it’s third day and continues to have an impact on the region.

As reported by ABC7, crews are starting to gain control, but the fire that has already burned 5,000 acres is still only 10% contained

This morning I could see from Griffith Park that the region is completely covered by smoke, even all the way out the west part of the San Fernando Valley.

This was the picture I took of Downtown LA from the Park:


And this is how it normally looks in a normal smoggy state:

I could add more photos of all the smoke, but they all look like the same thing.

If you’re out there biking in this weather, please be careful about exposure. I know your lungs may be accustomed to smog, but this air isn’t healthy.

Let’s hope this fire ends soon. 626 Golden Streets is scheduled for this Sunday and the good people at Bike SGV have been working very hard to make this a special event.

Even more so, we wish everyone can return to their homes and the firefighters can return to their families soon and safely.