A Weekend of Highs and Lows for Cycling

Just as many of our local cyclists get ready for the hallmark LA River Ride on Sunday, there will be a somber moment further north the day before.

CBS Cycling is hosting a Ride of Silence for fallen teacher Rod Bennett starting Saturday at 8:30am meeting at Placerita Junior High.

Bennet’s death has hit the community hard as his impact at has not only shook the cycling community, but the number of people he influenced at Arroyo Seco Junior High.

If you’ve never been to a Ride of Silence, it is quite a powerful event as evidence by the Kalamazoo event this week.

Expect a variety of people from those fully kitted up to those that haven’t been on a bike in years.

With the growth of the Santa Clarita Valley Bicycle Coalition, you know they’ll work hard to honor Rod Bennett by making the Santa Clarita Valley a safer place to cycle.

The following morning expect hundreds of riders from across the county to attend LACBC’s 16th Annual LA River Ride. This event attracts people from all ages, races and abilities because this ride represents so many things.

First, this is a ride that no matter what your skill level, there’s always something for you with a number of other riders that will fit your profile, but from different parts of town. You’ll make some friends.


You’ll see how the development along the LA River is shaping up and why this is turning into a special place.

Lastly, people come if no other reason but to support LACBC for all the great work being done to help cycling spread in our community. Yes, I work there too, but my colleagues do amazing work and never get the proper recognition.

This weekend, there is a lot going on. It’s not hard to find your community. Join it.