Stashers Bags gets the Job Done

Timing. There’s only so much you can control it, but when the universe aligns, you can’t beat it.

A couple of months ago, as I started my serious foray into dirt riding, I knew some extra accessories were needed to help me along for those longer rides.

I was thinking of grabbing a top tube bag, but I didn’t have to neural power to start looking around in the real world.

After doing a fun dirt ride in Las Vigenes Canyon, that evening I had dinner over at Pitfire Pizza in North Hollywood, where you have a one in ten chance of catching me for dinner.


Out doing some serious testing.

I wasn’t wearing my CiclaValley superhero cape, so when I ran into Jeff and Julie, only the latter knew my secret identity(which I still contend is closely guarded).

The next day, I got an email from Julie now realizing who my alter ego was(thanks Jeff) and that she was the force behind Stashers bags had something for me to try out: A top tube bag. My answer was hell to the yes.

Later that week, I received in the mail(how did she get my hidden location too?) not only one top tube bags, but second longer one in case I royally would screw things up!

Also included were a couple of cycling pouches, which were also timely since my current one was barely held together.



My handy pouch which you can see is definitely being used.

I couldn’t wait to give the bags a go, so I decided to try the longer one first.

Putting the bag on was very simple and I stuffed it with a couple of extra tubes and a pump to handle the rocky conditions of the Mount Wilson Toll Road. I also had space to stuff my camera inside at the trailhead once I realized I left my battery home.

The bag was a bit wide and I did feel a little rubbing on my thicker than normal legs, but I didn’t even notice the contact after a minute.

I am glad the straps are velcro because you didn’t have to worry about them loosening when there’s heavy movement on the downhill.

My biggest complaint is that the bag doesn’t have a homing system because I left it on top of my car when I was done with the ride. And if you’ve been paying attention, yes, my camera was still in there.



Clearance isn’t too much of a problem.

After buying a new pump, I had no other choice but to try the smaller version.

This bag held up as well as the other one, but I felt the longer one shook slightly less.

This time, I tested the cooling properties with a can of beer in the bag verses on in my water bottle holder and it did a good job of keeping my Silver Bullet nice and crispy(I drink craft beer or Coors Light. There’s very little middle ground).



Even the smaller bag fits two health adult beverages.

The pouches work really well and I’m happy that it’s double sided because I can separate my cards from my large wads of cash.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my remain top tube bag and if I’m doing a dirt or long ride, you’ll see me rocking it on my top tube.

I just can’t tell you what’s inside….