America’s Biggest Open Streets Event Comes This Weekend!

Fourth of July is our greatest national holiday. It brings people together from all walks of life to celebrate our country’s independence through get together and barbecues.

Another vital aspect is the number of holiday parades, ranging in shapes and sizes but are scattered across the nation. FourthOfJulyTheir formality may differ, but one aspect they all share is taking to the streets.

CicLAvia probably first comes to mind on mention of the words open streets, but why not parades too?

In my neighborhood, thousands walk the street after our rudimentary floats(golf carts) have passed to join in the procession. Families hold hands, ride bikes and control the streets without the necessary road closures you would see for marathons, road races and other parades.

For an hour a year, people own the streets of Valley Village and no one gives it a second thought.

There is no other event that brings my community together more and I’m sure we are not unique.

When people control a space, it becomes a shared experience. When you’re in a car, people worry more about who is in their way.

Celebrate this Fourth of July and remind your neighbors that life is better living outside the bubble.