Strava Cycling Video Highlights Los Angeles

Do you dream?

Yes, that’s why we cycle.

This new video from Strava seizes your imagination in the manner it presents London, Barcelona, Brazil, Angeles Strava02bNational Forest and other vignettes around town.

It captures that feeling when nature rules your world, where you can experience the elements in 360 degrees. Your legs take you there and you only want to go farther.

Three of my friends, Daniel, Ian & Tony were featured in the local portion of the video and you couldn’t pick a better lot. No other sport features a broader canvas to view the world and they all exemplify the spirit to explore it.

Cycling also makes photographers out of us, or vice versa. You can see with the three of them how the sport makes you see everything from a different perspective.

Beautiful end to the week. #lasucksforcycling #outsideisfree #losangelessunset

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It was so early this morning I cried. This guy on the other hand… ⚡️#bburd #earlytobedearlytoshred

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I myself have even gotten into the game of trying to take pictures while they practice their craft.

Looking for our next climb. #clearcreek #ach #angelescrest #highway2 #bikela #cycling #climbing #losangeles

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Starting the climb up May Canyon. #bikela #lasucksforcycling #maycanyon #sfvalley #818 #cycling

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Go out. Explore. Add adventure to your life. Cycle.