Angelenos Do Their Yearly Pilgrimage to See the Tour de France

This is the best time of the year or worst time of the year.

July is Tour de France season. If you’re someone like me, that means waking up super early for three weeks to catch live coverage from your already sleep deprived life to avoid any spoiler alerts you may come across during the day.

The other option is to just go there! Just hop across the pond for a weekend and pop back.

Okay, it’s not that simple. One thing I do know is every cyclist knows somebody that makes this trip. All we can do is to live vicarious through them. I’m here to help.

I mean they.


This is most likely not Las Vegas

11800375_10153946271971494_8723603204108649134_nIf you don’t move for the Tour de France, your car gets tossed in La Seine

11659483_10153547325172009_4721597190602194187_nParty atmosphere before the pros take to the cobbles


Trust me. Chris Froome does not like doing this.


The most dangerous job on the Tour. Someone may jack this guy for the wheels.


The parade of sponsors is exactly like the Rose Parade


Getting to conquer the Alp d’Huez. Something Tejay didn’t get to do.


Peloton rolling down the Champ d’Elysses

11014962_10153937786026494_4473083511065964745_nPotential for disaster


The way every evening should end

(Photos courtesy of Doug John & Matt Fabiano)