Be A Better Cyclist: Free Bicycle Safety Classes

It’s like riding a bike.

Marshal02That’s a common phrase that gets thrown around to equate a common task with the simple act of cycling.

The only problem is it’s not. Learning how to balance, give up your training wheels and pedal is not that simple and even when you get the hang of it, try maneuvering at higher speeds. Yes, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Now throw in the variables of negotiating urban traffic. Do you remember the feeling of the first time taking a lane? It’s the very definition of anxiety.

Even pro cyclists enjoy the organization of the peloton over the unpredictability of our city streets. In other words, no matter how experienced of you are on a bike, there is something to learn.

Through Metro, LACBC is offering free cycling safety classes that will teach everyone a thing or two they didn’t know.
Emergency maneuvers, improving your visibility, how to keep your bike healthy and a number of other points to improve your confidence on the road.

The other strong point about these classes is becoming more informed so you can be a knowledgeable representative in Marshal01your community. We need more leaders from people who share their growing interest in cycling. It is important to pass this knowledge onto our children, be more informed when we engage our government and to be role models in our community.

While the lure of free helmets and lights are enough for some to enroll, the biggest gift everyone receives is the sense of order and understanding the next time they roll with traffic. Being the Education and Volunteer Coordinator for the LACBC, I’ve received positive feedback about all the little things you learn in these courses that make the difference.

I wish I could share all this knowledge in a blog, but this type of familiarity that can only be learned firsthand.

You can find classes across the county by registering at