Beach Streets Long Beach

Aren’t we getting things too good lately?

Two open streets events within a week! Now I have “I just can’t get enough” from Depeche Mode ringing in my head!

The City of Long Beach is putting on its own event Saturday with the help from the good folks at Metro. Let’s remember to not call it a CiclaviaCicLAvia, since the “Aquatic Capital of America” came up with their own name, Beach Streets.

Some of you may know that Long Beach is the second largest city in the county(my research staff is looking into who’s number one) and has a wealth of bike infrastructure compared to the rest, especially along its southern edge.

Admittedly, Mr. CiclaValley’s knowledge of Long Beach isn’t as strong as say, Van Nuys. But I have run a couple of marathons, did attend a number of Ice Dogs games, rode the River Ride and had a terrible blind date back in the day. So I have traces. I do know that the urban legend about Bixby Knolls is a myth.

As for Beach Streets itself, the route is roughly the same length of Pasadena’s CicLAvia last week, clocking in at about 3.5 miles. With the strong cycling community surrounding, I expect the Long Beach event to be just as successful and I’ll know because I’ll be there repping the LACBC booth in the afternoon.

There’s no CiclaValley preview(although my CicLAvia checklist still applies) because why not just come out and enjoy! I don’t have to tell you what a good time you’re going to have!